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Weed Control & Fertilization

We offer Weed Control & Fertilization Services to the Oklahoma City, Edmond & Nearby Areas

mosquito Treatments OKC

Mosquito Treatments

We offer Mosquito Treatment Services to the Oklahoma City, Edmond & Nearby Areas

Grubworms control OKC

Grub Worm Control

We offer Grub Control Services to the Oklahoma City, Edmond & Nearby Areas

Flea and Tick Control Oklahoma City & Edmond

Outdoor Pest Control

We offer Outdoor Pest Control Services to the Oklahoma City, Edmond & Nearby Areas

Get A Weed Free Lawn In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Allow Superior Lawn Solutions  to start providing your lawn with the correct products for your lawns weed control & Fertilization needs. 

Step 2

Provide your lawn with the correct amount of water to allow our products to start transforming you lawn.

Step 3

Once we get your lawn on the correct path consistency is the key to maintaining your weed free lawn.

Weed Control Experts

With 10+ Years experience dealing with weeds here in Oklahoma we know the correct products for the weeds that you are dealing with in your lawn. Pre-emergent weed control chemicals are highly effective for preventing weeds from germinating. It is essential to apply pre – emergent application in Oklahoma City and Surrounding areas to help prevent weed infestations, such as dandelions, crabgrass, Henbit and other common weeds here in Oklahoma City. Our programs are design to provide your lawn with the best results to transform your lawn weed free. No matter the size of your property we have trained professionals ready to tackle your lawn care needs.

Pest Control Services To Protect Your Lawn

When pests invade your lawn its never a good thing. These pests could attack your lawn or your furry friends. We have programs designed to protect your lawn from these attacks so you can enjoy your time outdoors. We offer Mosquito treatments, Perimeter Pest treatments, Flea & Tick control also Grub control. Once you identify that you have a pest problem at your home give us a call and we will get your lawn schedule so one of our profession applicators can get eliminate these pest and you can get back to enjoying your lawn. 

Common Pests We Control

Allow Us To Provide Your Lawn The Best Lawn Care Services In Oklahoma City.

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